April 2014

April was a fantastic month. It is so fun to have a baby and be a stay at home mom. I’m so thankful we have to ability that only my husband works. I thought the transition from working to SAHM would be more difficult, but we are having a blast. Every day we are out and about and going on new adventures! I can’t say it often enough, Zoe is the perfect baby. She eats and sleeps well, she never cries and is so easy going. I can take her anywhere and we are having so much fun exploring things! Here are the highlights of this month:


  • I started walking and then later in the month running! Slow but hey, I’m running again!
  • My husband’s mother and sister came to visit


  • our first Easter with a baby!IMG_1201
  • My husband went back to work. We were super lucky that he was able to stay at home with us for 5 weeks! Not only did I love having him around, it was also great to create our new routine together. I trust him 100% with the baby and would leave him alone with her anytime. I love that he knows exactly what to do with her and I don’t have to worry.IMG_1162
  • Based on a tradition in Germany, we planted a tree for Zoe, read the story HERE


  • We were invited to a friend’s house for a party and Zoe was great! She is so easy going and everybody loves her
  • We did a family photo shooting and the pictures turned out amazing! You can see them HERE

IMG_0265How am I doing with my 2014 goals?

  • Running:

    • go on nice walks with my girl and start running when the doctor gives us the green light – CHECK!
      • We started with walks on April 2 and we walked over 10 miles the first week back! Read more about my comeback HERE.
      • Since then I kept walking and also started to run later that month. I’m feeling great!
      • Total miles: 25.5 (miles walked: 19.5 – miles ran: 6)
    • get a gym membership with daycare – CHECK!
      • The local YMCA actual had a special this month for $0 enrollment fee and free April. Perfect timing! Zoe and I joined and we both love it! She is doing great at the daycare and they love her. It gives me a little me time, plus I can take a shower!
      • classes taken at YMCA this month:
        • Zumba x1
        • Zumba Toning x1
    • run a few local races (5k, 10ks, …) and a fall half marathon
      • I’m thinking of signing up for a local 5k soon


  • Family:
    • Breast feeding at least for the first 6 months:
      • so far so good! It definitely gets easier the longer I breastfeed. Once Zoe was 3 weeks old, I started to pump once a day and my husband feeds her the bottle at night before he goes to bed. She takes the bottle without any issues.
    • find a mommy/play group: CHECK!
      • This is going great! I joined 2 mom groups and I’m loving it.
        • One is organized by a lactation specialist from the hospital and is for all local breast feeding moms. We are meeting every Tuesday morning. Great group and great support for breast feeding moms. So important to have this support, especially in the beginning.
        • The other group is a local group called “2013/2014 babies”. We meet locally for walks and lunches or any other fun activities. Everybody can suggest meetings. It’s very low key and stress free. Love it!
    • start baby swimming:
      • have to wait until Zoe is 6 months old. So excited already!
    • learn to cook:
      • no new recipes this month – opps! My husband was at home half of this month, so we just enjoyed family time and getting used to our new routine. Some days we picked up quick lunches/dinners. Other days we just made quick meals at home. He is now back at work and I think, I will start thinking about cooking new meals again.
    • creating a budget and stay on it (we have to adjust from 2 incomes to one)
      • The tenants in my condo decided to extend the lease for another year and I couldn’t be happier. The rent covers the mortgage and we have another year, we don’t have to worry about the payment. Great news!

How did April turn out for you? What was your best moment this month?

2 Comments on April 2014

  1. Christy Hales Buhr
    May 2, 2014 at 6:09 pm (2 years ago)

    Zoe is so cute! That picture of her from Easter is my favorite. She is precious.

    When you get into swimming lessons you will have to take some pictures and tell us how she does! I’m interested in starting lessons at 6 months too, but none my nieces/nephews have tried it at that young age so I haven’t seen first hand how it contributes to a baby’s ability to interact with water. On the news I have seen some very young babies that have been able to nearly swim!

    • Christine
      May 4, 2014 at 9:47 am (2 years ago)

      My sister started swimming with my nephew at 3 months and the instructor said the earlier the better. Babies still remember “water” from the womb. My sister and my nephew had a blast! And he never feared water, he is like a fish :)

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