Proud Momma Moment

I have to share this since I’m still sooo excited!!!

While talking to moms at the mommy group I realized more and more what an easy going baby we have. She’s barely fussy, hardly cries and is always happy to come along with me. She just eats and sleeps and poops. Oh and she loves to observe!

From the beginning she understood day and night time and was able to fall asleep by herself. We dimmed the light around 8pm and first she just hung out and eventually fell asleep next to us in her bouncer or rocker.  Once we go to bed, we take her with us and she sleeps in a bassinet. She wakes every 3-4 hours to eat.

Monday we gave her a bath and put her down in her crib for the first time. She was again a little awake and soon fell asleep without making any noise. I was glued to the video monitor even though I was in the room right next to her and the door was open. She woke 3 hours later to nurse and we took her to our bedroom in her bassinet. I was happy she didn’t mind the crib or her room.

Tuesday night we did the same thing and put her down in her crib. She still woke every 3-4 hours but we didn’t bring her into our bedroom and she stayed all night in the crib. After a nursing session, she feel right back asleep in her crib. I was so nervous!! I checked on her several times that night, I have this HUGE fear of SIDS.

Last night same thing, we put her down at 8:30pm and she woke at 3:15am!! That is almost SEVEN hours! After a quick nursing session (less than 20 min) she feel asleep and got up with us at 6am. I’m sooo excited!! That is the longest she ever slept!! I think we are close to sleeping through the night!!


Sleeping baby – napping during the day

Here are my feelings about all this:

  • She is only 8 weeks and currently pediatricians recommend to have infants in your room for the first 3 months. I feel bad for “kicking” her out earlier.
  • At the mommy group, many moms have issues with crib sleeping and the nurse said besides breastfeeding the biggest problem is to get your baby to sleep in the crib, so I didn’t want to wait too long to try and thought starting in small increments. But I never thought the transition would go so smoothly and quickly.
  • Thank God for video monitors, I just wish they would have a heart rate monitor as well. She doesn’t move while sleeping, so I always fear she stops breathing. I was always a worrier, but since I am a mom, it’s a whole new level of worrying and it feels it never stops, just gets worse!
  • We swaddle her and I truly believe this makes a difference, she doesn’t feel as lost in the large, empty crib. We use a swaddle by Halo, it has Velcro and is so much easier.
  • She also has a pacifier it helps her fall asleep, once she sleeps she spits it out and doesn’t need it back at night.
  • One reason she might have sleep longer last night was that she cluster fed yesterday. She was awake from 5pm until 8:30pm and she nursed a few times for a short period. Then at 8:15pm she had her final and a little larger feeding. That might have filled her up for longer.
  • I didn’t plan on being on a schedule for the first 3 months and my only plan was to follow her clues and make sure she is happy. My goal for the first 3 months is to establish trust. I’m surprised we are on a little schedule already but it’s certainly not that we are pushing it. I guess she is my daughter after all and loves schedules as much as I do :)
  • Sleeping in her crib without a fight and sleeping longer is a BIG mother’s day gift for me! I’m such a proud momma!!
  • Thanks for “listening”  :)



4 Comments on Proud Momma Moment

  1. Jess @ Flying Feet
    May 8, 2014 at 12:51 pm (2 years ago)

    Aww! I love this so much! You’re a great mommy!! And I’m totally jealous! My boy was a fussy baby…think he had gas lol great baby just not a good sleeper. He is now though!

  2. Christy Hales Buhr
    May 9, 2014 at 6:04 pm (2 years ago)

    Yay!! Such a good girl! I’m happy to hear she is doing so well!!

    I worry SO MUCH already. I’ve heard of baby mats that go in the crib that sense the baby’s breathing movement. However, I don’t know anything about them (yet). I can only imagine the sense of worry, but rest that SIDS is very, very rare! She is a doll. :]

    • Christine
      May 9, 2014 at 9:55 pm (2 years ago)

      I heard about those mats and that they also go off quite often, which scares the heck out of you. I also read that breastfed, white babies who take a pacifier have a very low risk. Just hope for the best!

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