Thinking Out Loud

Happy Thinking out loud Thursday! No idea what I’m going on about? Click here! Thank you Amanda for organizing this!


  • Love the library! Last time I went there I got the book Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner by Dean Karnazas. Great book and man, he is crazy! I like his writing style, it’s very easy to read, but yet you feel you are with him on his journey. If you haven’t read it, go get it! I also plan on getting a baby book for Zoe every week, this week’s find: “One,Two,Three….Run!” Plus I got myself a cute romantic novel. I’m a very slow reader, so my goal is to read one book every 6 weeks.
  • This week I’m back to my usual routine and it feels SO good! Monday I went to the gym for a 3 mile treadmill run, Tuesday Zoe and I headed out for a mile walk in the afternoon and yesterday we ran 3 miles in the neighborhood.


  • Zoe turned 6 months last weekend and we started with solids. So far we tried avocado and rice cereal. The god news: she opens her mouth, the bad news, she doesn’t close it and never swallows. So food just runs out….  So we keep trying and hopefully she starts enjoying it soon.
  • I’m very thankful for my husbands job. He has a good job, which allows me to stay home with our daughter. Also, he was able to take 5 weeks off when she was born (paid) and now he also has a very flexible schedule. He is able to go with us to doctor visits or comes home early to watch her while I run some errands. With not having any family close by, this is a huge help!
  • Last week I attended a virtual fitness class by Mommy Track Fitness, one was Cardio fusion and the other one was Tabata. Both were great workouts! You should try! Click HERE for a chance to win a free class!
  • Yesterday I was looking for a printable monthly planner and found this link and LOVE it. It’s a free excel sheet to download, you just enter the year and month and it adjusts the week days. Just print and you are good to go! Check it out HERE They also have a ton more templates. This is perfect for a organizing, list-loving freak like me!

Do you have any book recommendations?
How about spoon feeding your child – any tips?

Now it’s your turn to think out loud!

Be random. Get silly. Have fun! Let your thoughts go where they will and link up so that others can go along the ride!


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