Zoe – 8 Months

We are so lucky to have a nice fall. We are outside almost daily and really soaking in the sun and walking and running. Zoe LOVES it! She is such an outdoorsy girl. She never complains and just sits in her stroller and takes it all in! If she could live in her stroller, she totally would!


  • Weight and Height:
    • at 6 months:
      • weight: 15 lbs and 1oz (30%)
      • height: 25.5 inches (40%)
      • head: 42 cm (30%)
    • at 7 months: +- 16lbs.
    • at 8 months: Next measurements will be taken at the 9 months check

Let’s go for a run, mommy!

  • Diaper size: still in Huggies plus dry (size 2), once this box is done, we will switch to size 3.
  • Clothe size: at 7.5 months we started with 6-9/9 months pants and also sleep & plays. She can still wear size 6 months onesies, but we also started to use 6-9/9months ones.


  • Sleep:
    • Zoe is a great sleeper and usually sleeps 12 hours at night, but she was waking up once or twice crying the first few hours we put her to bed. Usually we just went in there and gave her the pacifier and she fell right back asleep. Just after she turned 7 months, she was able to find the pacifier herself and put herself back to sleep without really waking up. Now we don’t have to go to her room at all!
    • She wakes up around 7am, some days she sleeps or plays quietly in her crib until 7:30am!
    • Around 7.5 months she started to only have one morning nap, usually around 9am for about 30 minutes.
    • Afternoon long nap around 1pm for 2-3 hours
    • Night routine starts at 6:00ish, bath and bottle by her daddy. Most of the time she falls asleep while drinking her bottle, if not we used to rock her to sleep. The last few days though, we were able to just put her in the crib, even if she was not fully asleep yet. She played a little with her pacifier and then falls asleep on her own. So proud of her! Most days she is asleep in her crib by 6:30pm. At night she sleeps 12-13 hours in one stretch – we are so lucky!


  • Food:
    • Breastfeeding is going very well! We did it exclusively for 6 months and now we hope to continue until she is 1 year old. My goal is not to feed her any formula, if possible.
    • We started with solids on her 6 month birthday. The first food was avocado. You should have seen her face – too funny! She is doing really well with solids and eats 2 meals a day, one at 11am and one at 5pm.
    • She loves ALL fruits and likes veggies. The only thing she was not too happy with was green beans. But if we mix them in something, she eats them as well.
    • I’m breastfeeding her 4 times during the day now (7am, 9:30am,1pm, 3:30pm) and I pump once in the evening to make enough milk for my husband to give her the night time bottle at 6:15pm.


  • Health:
    • very healthy baby last month, no issues at all. It seems everybody else is sick though. We try to stay away from germs!
  • Teething:
    • around 7.5 months she got the two bottom teeth! Both at the same time. She did amazingly! She had a few days were she was easily irritated but teething did not affect sleep and she was still a happy baby overall. No fever either, VERY happy about that.

she LOVES her puppy

  • Milestones/ New this month:
    • find pacifier in crib and put it back into her mouth
    • she did amazing with daylight savings! The day before she napped an additional nap in the afternoon and therefore went to bed an hour later. She woke up an hour later the next morning and stayed on the correct schedule for the day. Easy!!
    • she gets a lot more vocal these days, she says “mamamamama”, “nanananana”, “neinneinnein”
    • she can hold a toy in each hand, pass it from one hand to the other and lately she started to clap the toys together
    • she loves to stand and hold onto a small table or the couch.


  • Trouble makers:
    • nothing really to complain this month.She is such an easy going baby, no fussing or anything this month.
  • Zoe likes
    • food: fruits! She definitely has a sweet tooth like her mommy
    • stalking her doggy! She could watch him all day long
    • standing
    • talking and smiling
    • making silly faces with daddy
    • paper! She can play with an envelope for 30 minutes.


  • Zoe dislikes
    • food: green beans
    • still not a fan of tummy time and therefore still no rolling over or attempting crawling. It seems anything that involves weight on her arms, she tries to avoid.
    • being held by somebody else but me or my husband, I think separation anxiety slowly starts

Fake it til you make it :)

Our current daily routine: (everything is +- 30minutes)

  • 7am: We get up, I change her diaper and breastfeed her.
    I have my morning coffee and she relaxes in the rock’n’play. We have a little “talk” and enjoy a slow start to the day. After that we play a little and I get ready.
  • 9am: she takes a 30 min nap
  • 9:30am: I change and breastfeed her and then we go either to the gym or a play date or run errands.
  • 11am: I feed her solids (usually oat meal with fruits) on the go
  • 11:30am: We make our way home and play at home
  • 1pm: I breastfeed her and change her diaper
  • 1:15pm: Afternoon nap for 2-3 hours
  • 3/4pm: She wakes up, I change and breastfeed her and we play and hang out until daddy comes home.
  • 5pm: I feed her solids (fruits and veggies)
  • 6pm: Getting ready for bed starts. We give her a bath, change her diaper, and giver her a bottle.
  • 6:30pm: baby is asleep in her crib :)

20141116_102341 20141116_102527

Happy 8 months baby girl! You are such a perfect little girl and we love you to pieces!


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