Zoe – 9 Months

Our first Christmas time with a baby and it is so much fun! I made sure to get the gift buying done around Thanksgiving, so we can actually focus on enjoying the Christmas spirit rather than gifts. Zoe is still too young to understand Christmas, but doing crafts with her and dressing her up was really fun for me! Next year will be even more fun, I can’t wait!!


  • Weight and Height:
    • at 6 months:
      • weight: 15 lbs and 1oz (30%)
      • height: 25.5 inches (40%)
      • head: 42 cm (30%)
    • at 9 months:
      • weight: 17 lbs and 1 oz (30.8%)
      • height: 28 inches (65.5%)
      • head: 42.5 cm (16%)
      • At today’s check up, our pediatrician recommended to visit a developmental pediatrician due to the fact Zoe is not rolling over, crawling and pulling up on things. I knew she is a little behind but never thought it would be a problem. To be honest, it was a shock for me! I hope once we see the specialist they will see she is just fine.
  • Diaper size: we just switched to size 3.
  • Clothe size: 9 months
  • Hair: she still has a bold spot on the back of her head, but her hair is slowly coming back. Her hair is straight when it is dry but once it is wet it curls up quite a bit. There is still hope for curls :)
  • Sleep:
    • She wakes up between 6 and 7am.
    • she naps twice a day: usually 30-60 minutes in the morning (in her swing) and then a longer nap (1-1.5 hours) in the afternoon in her crib.
    • Night routine starts at 6:00ish, bath and bottle by her daddy. She falls asleep while drinking her bottle and my husband just puts her in her crib. Most days she is asleep by 6:30pm. At night she sleeps around 12 hours in one stretch – we are so lucky!
  • Food:
    • Breastfeeding is going very well! We did it exclusively for 6 months and now we try to continue until she is 1 year old. My goal is not to feed her any formula, if possible.
    • She loves ALL fruits and likes veggies. She doesn’t like chicken too much, but if we use some garlic spice or mix it with yoghurt, she is ok with it.
    • She loves to feed herself Cheerios or rice waffles!
    • I’m breastfeeding her 4 times during the day (6am, 9am,1pm, 3pm) and I pump in the evening to make enough milk for my husband to give her the night time bottle at 6:15pm.
    • At 8.5 month (right after Thanksgiving) we started with a 3rd meal a day. She is now eating solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • Health:
    • She had a rash on her torso this month, We got it checked out by her pediatrician and she thinks it’s a mild virus and will clear up in a few days. It was a little itchy for her and she was a little irritated, but nothing major. And a few days later, it did clear up and she is a happy baby again.
  • Teething:
    • around 7.5 months she got the two bottom teeth, both at the same time. She did amazingly! Now we are waiting for the top teeth to come in.
  • Milestones/ New this month:
    • imitates us more and more. My husband throws himself to the floor and she does the exact same thing.
    • plays pick-a-boo. She hides behind a curtain or toy and then looks up. So stinking cute!
    • She does so much better on tummy time! It felt like one day it just clicked and she is now doing it really well!
    • A few days later she was actually moving a little bit! She was scooting backwards!
    • She just started to wave at us.
  • Trouble makers:
    • a little fussy for a week or so, I think she didn’t feel 100% due to her rash. Other than that, still super easy going.


  • Zoe likes
    • throwing toys
    • playing with paper, straws, plastic or a rattle, basically anything that makes noise
    • “barking” at our dog. When he barks, she screams and she thinks she is barking to him.
    • she just started to wave at us when we wave to her
  • Zoe dislikes
    • still no rolling over, crawling or pulling up on things.
    • pediatrician visits

Our current daily routine: (everything is +- 30minutes)

  • 6:30am: We get up, I change her diaper and breastfeed her. I have my morning coffee and we play a little
  • 8am: she takes a 30-60 min nap
  • 8:30am: once she wakes up I offer her breakfast, usually oatmeal with fruits.
  • 9am: I change and breastfeed her and then we go either to the gym or a play date or run errands. We will be home by noon latest.
  • 11:30am: I feed her solids (usually yogurt with fruits and veggies)
  • 12:30pm: I breastfeed her and change her diaper
  • 12:45pm: Afternoon nap
  • 2pm: She wakes up, I change and we play and hang out until daddy comes home.
  • 3pm: I breast feed her
  • 5pm: I feed her solids (chicken with fruits and veggies)
  • 6pm: Getting ready for bed starts. We give her a bath, change her diaper, and giver her a bottle.
  • 6:30pm: baby is asleep in her crib :)


You are so much fun to be around with. You are such a happy baby and your smiles and giggles are priceless! This month I really enjoyed doing Christmas crafts with you! Happy 9 months baby girl!


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