Life lately…

Wow, do I even remember how to blog? It’s been exactly 2 months since my last post and that was only a picture! Long story short, life is good!

Not sure if you remember but in April I started to sell shoe tags on Etsy in order to fund raise money for charities. Well, it’s going fantastic and way better than I ever hoped for! In the meantime, I added bracelets and also key chains and I’m so happy… and super busy, which explains my lack of blogging.

Curious? Check out my shop HERE. I also have a Facebook page, would love if you like it.

Here are some of my latest items:

11425145_1644901555743468_1179874106227806604_n 20150606_193902 11200638_1643116619255295_921480841797990543_nwpid-20150619_194414.jpgBesides working I spend my time with my little cutie, she is 15 months now. Can you believe this? She is one perfect child and we could not be happier!!

20150524_152029 20150524_161353 20150524_161603The only bad news: I’m barely running! I ran a strong half in December and then took off for the holidays and when I started running again in January, I had knee pain. The sharp pain is gone, but after 2 miles or so it starts nagging again and I just feel this weird pull inside my knee. February/March was super cold, so I took time off then I tried again and same pain, now it’s super hot here, so I do more walks and less running. I do have a massage appointment soon and hope to get all this tightness out. Right now I don’t think I have an injury, I think it’s just messed up tight muscles. Let’s hope this will get better soon, I kind of think about racing again. Maybe the itch is back?! But then I look at tomorrow weather forecast and 99F doesn’t sound very tempting. Too hot for Zoe and me to run. I don’t have a gym membership anymore, so I guess we take a break or a quick walk early morning.

So, that’s life lately, during the day I spend time with my mini-me. When she naps or in the evening I work on my little shop. Life is busy but good!!

 wpid-20150607_085554.jpgWhat did I miss? Any big races planned? Please fill me in!



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