Training Tuesday: Week 5 #HalfmarathonTraining

Last week was week 5 of my 12 week half marathon training cycle. It was a little rough mid-week, but I made up for it at the end.

Monday: rest day!
My husband was off from work due to Columbus Day and we had a great relaxing day. We also went to Costco in the afternoon and as always bought way more than we were planning to. But we made up for it with a cheap lunch. You can’t beat Costco’s hot dog and soda for $1.50.

Plan: 3 miles  *  Actual: 3 miles with stroller moms (pace: 11:00)
I started to organize “Run & Play” playdates. First we run 3 miles with the stroller and then our babies get to play at the playground.

Plan: 3 miles  *  Actual: rest day
We went to the local library for some story time and relaxed at home. It was one of those rainy, sleepy days.

Plan: 4 miles  *  Actual: rest day
We went to the pediatrician for the follow up flu shot and then needed to go grocery shopping. Another excuse for not going for a run.

Friday: rest day
We went to the Children’s Museum for their story time and eve got a free book! Great event, but I started to panic the second a child sneezes :) I really try to avoid getting my little one sick

Plan: rest  *  Actual: 6 miles (pace: 9:18)
Well, with all the skipping during the week, I had to make up for it! And what a beautiful run this was!

Plan: long run 8 miles  *  Actual: 8 miles (9:37)
I met my running group for this one and we chit chatted the whole way. I felt good and really enjoyed this run!

wpid-img_20141019_112510.jpgTotal miles:
Plan/Actual: 18/17

I really need to make more “rundates”. If I don’t have anybody waiting for me, I easily skip the run and then run out of time. I’m glad I was able to catch up on my miles and got all my miles in though!

I feel a little tightness in my right hip and can’t wait fr my massage this Saturday. It will be painful, but I always feel so much better afterwards!!

How is your training going? Any races coming up?


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